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Claim Your Tesla Incentives!
Be Rewarded for driving green

We'll install a free Tesla home charging station when you buy or sell a home with us!

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But wait, there's more Tesla incentives...

In addition to your free home charger, you also get to choose one of the following!

Electric Bill Paid

Get your electricity bill paid for for the first year!

Free Tesla Supercharging Miles

Get up to 25,000 free of the Tesla supercharging miles on us!

Credit Toward Tesla Solar Panels

Did someone say free electricity? That's right, we'll issue you a credit of $2,500 toward Tesla solar panels!

How it Works?

Step 1

Connect with us

Sign up on our site, connect with us on social media, or even attend one of our Tesla meets! 

Step 2

We'll connect you

After that, you’ll be connected with one of our Teslapads preferred agents.

Step 3


Close on the home you are buying or selling.

Step 4

Collect Rewards

Now it’s time for your rewards. A Teslapads specialist will arrange for your Free Tesla home charger and one of the three incentives! 

We all have questions, check out what the Teslapads community has been asking

It’s quite simple. Once you’ve closed on the home you are buying or selling, a Teslapads representative will then coordinate with you and determine the easiest way to distribute the incentives. 

It all starts with the EV home charger. Once that is installed, you will then use the balance toward one of the three additional incentives! 

We are not affiliated with Tesla motors in any way. 

We discount the listing fee from 6% to 4%! In addition, if you buy a house with us, we’ll provide you with another set of incentives!

Yes, we buy the home charging station directly from Tesla. 

You will receive a cash rebate in lieu of the incentives. 

Absolutely. All electricians are licensed and bonded.  

You will receive a credit for the amount of the miles left after the home charging system has been installed. It varies on a case by case basis. 

Yes, for you to receive the incentives, the purchase price has to be $300,000 or more. Visit our terms of use for more detailed information!

Yes, it's true...

We host Tesla meets!

Every other month Teslapads hosts Tesla meetups where all owners are welcome! Our car meets are a great opportunity for Tesla owners to network with food, music, and giveaways. In other words, it’s a ton of fun! 


Teslapads is dedicated to creating a safe, fun, and exciting way to connect with the Tesla community. 

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Buying or selling a home shouldn't be stressful

It should include a free Tesla home charger and rewards!

Did someone say giveaways?

Home chargers, cup holders, car matts, detail equipment and much more… 

That’s right! We love giving away free stuff! We give away free stuff daily at our booth at the Westminster charging station! Stop by anytime for goodies. We also have online raffles where you can sign up to be entered to win a variety of prizes. 

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