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TeslaPads: Your Hassle-Free Home Solution in Downey, CA

TeslaPads: Your Hassle-Free Home Solution in Downey, CA

We'll install a free Tesla home charging station when you buy or sell a home with us!

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We’ll Install Free Tesla Charter when you close a deal with Us!

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Here's How It Works

Discover How TeslaPads Can Help You Buy Or Sell Your House In Downey, CA !

1: We Understand Your Needs

We chat with you to learn what you want in a home. This helps us find properties that bring you the most value and fit your preferences.

2: We Find Homes You'll Love

Using your preferences, we look through all the available homes. Our aim is to give you a list of homes that fit what you're looking for.

3: You See the Homes

Once we've got some options, we set up times for you to visit them. This way, you can walk through and see which one feels right for you.

4: We Get You the Best Deal, Plus a Bonus!

Securing the best deal is our expertise. Plus, when you close the deal with us, enjoy a complimentary Tesla charger for your new home! We'll handle all the paperwork to make it official.

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Want to Buy House in Downey, CA?

Simplified Homeownership Start here!

Say goodbye to endless searching, paperwork, and budget stress. We've got you covered. Let's make your dream home a reality without the hassle. Start now for a better solution and claim your free Tesla charger today

Best Deal for Your Dream Home

Your Negotiation Ally:

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes support in getting the best deal. We work diligently to secure not only the best price but also favorable terms for your new home. With us by your side, negotiations become a seamless part of your home-buying journey.

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What Can You Expect from Teslapads

Expect a unique home buying experience. Find your dream home with Teslapads.

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Transparent Communication:

We commit to keeping you informed at every step. You'll always know what's happening.

Personalized Service:

We're here exclusively for you. Your individual needs matter, and our assistance is tailored to fit you perfectly. You're not just another person; you're important to us.

Expert Advice:

Our team is well-versed in local homes. Allow us to help you discover the ideal one for you.

Integrity First:

We commit to fairness and honesty. Your best interests guide our actions, every time.

Get Reward After You Close a Deal!

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Get Reward After You Close a Deal!


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Buying House In Downey, CA with TeslaPads

Your Go-To for Effortless Property Transactions! Here are 6 Reasons to Buy or Sell with Us:

Expert Support:

Our seasoned team assists you at every step.

Market Insights:

You’ll get stay informed with the latest market trends

Customized Assistance:

Tailored solutions for your specific needs

Clear Transactions:

We stand for transparent and honest transactions

Powerful Connections:

Our vast network links you to the right individuals.

Here for You, Always

Cutting-edge tools and unwavering support for a smooth experience


No Repairs, No Fuss in Downey, CA

Selling your Downey, CA home shouldn't be a headache. With Teslapads, skip the usual hassles. No need for pricey repairs or staging for showings. Our cash offer lets you sell your home as-is. Our experts evaluate your property and present a competitive cash offer. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a hassle-free selling experience.

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Hassle-Free Process:

Selling your home with Teslapads in Downey eliminates the usual headaches associated with repairs and staging for showings.

No Costly Repairs:

Say goodbye to the burden of costly repairs as our cash offer allows you to sell your home in its current condition.

Cash Offer Convenience:

Our experts assess your property's condition and present a competitive cash offer, providing you with ease and confidence in the selling process.

Easy Online Listing:

Explore the convenience of listing your house online effortlessly with Teslapads, adding flexibility to your selling options.

But wait, there's more Tesla incentives...

In addition to your free home charger, you also get to choose one of the following!


EElectric Bill Paid

Get your electricity bill paid for for the first year!

Free Tesla Supercharging Miles

Get up to 25,000 free of the Tesla supercharging miles on us!

Credit Toward Tesla Solar Panels

Free electricity alert! Get a $2,500 credit for Tesla solar panels now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Buying Or Selling House in Downey, CA

We all have questions, check out what the Teslapads community has been asking

It’s quite simple. Once you’ve closed on the home you are buying or selling, a Teslapads representative will then coordinate with you and determine the easiest way to distribute the incentives.

It all starts with the EV home charger. Once that is installed, you will then use the balance toward one of the three additional incentives.

We do not sell any information. 


We are not affiliated with Tesla Motors in any way.

We discount the listing fee from 6% to 4%! In addition, if you buy a house with us, we’ll provide you with another set of incentives!

Yes, we buy the home charging station directly from

If we are unable to install the charging station, you will receive a cash rebate in lieu of the incentives.

Absolutely. All electricians are licensed and bonded.

You will receive a credit for the amount of the miles left after the home charging system has been installed. It varies on a case by case basis.

Yes, for you to receive the incentives, the purchase price has to be $300,000 or more. Visit our terms of use for more detailed information!

Your SoCal Home Buying and Selling Experts: TeslaPads

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TeslaPads assist home buyer and sellers in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County. Our services make the process easy and stress-free for everyone involved. As an added bonus, we're offering a free Tesla charger. Explore the opportunities in these popular areas of California and begin your home buying or selling journey with us today!

Buy Or Sell House with Ease in Los Angeles | Get a Free Tesla Charger

At TeslaPads, we are dedicated to assisting home buyers and sellers throughout different cities in Los Angeles. Whether you're looking to find your dream home or sell your property, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. With our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and personalized approach, we ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Don't miss out on the opportunities available in Los Angeles. Start your home-buying or selling journey with us today!

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      Find out how TeslaPads can make buying or selling a home in Downey easier