Tesla car meets, do they exist?

Do they exist? Do people actually show up? Where are they?

Just a few questions you’ll probably ask yourself when trying to find the next Tesla meetup or Tesla car meet as they say. Typically you’ll see car meets with exotic cars, you know: Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis, those types of cars or maybe, an Eleanor replica, you know a 67 fastback from “gone in 60 seconds” but a Tesla Car meet? Do they exist?

The answer is simply – Yes! And they’re awesome!  The biggest issue for Tesla Car Meets is finding a location that can support a few hundred Teslas with an opportunity to charge to continue on with their day.


While you could find a few small meetups by following Tesla Enthusiasts, Teslapads hosts car meets every other month. It’s a fun few hours with food, music, prizes, and all types of Teslas. Considering the current stay-at-home orders, the meetups have been put on hold. We plan to resume right after we are cleared to have a large gathering as Tesla Car meets usually consist of roughly 400-500 cars and upwards of 1,000 people throughout the day!

For more info or to join us at our next meet, visit us  https://www.teslapads.com

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