Free Tesla supercharging miles

It looks like Tesla is extending the timeline of their free Supercharging miles from the Tesla referral program throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

Tesla began to provide one thousand miles of free Supercharging to both the owner providing their referral code and the new buyer receiving the referral code. Not too long after, Tesla allowed drivers six months to use their miles after delivery of the vehicle. The issue that many drivers were facing is actually receiving the free supercharging miles in their account.  With the current state of COVID19 – not many owners are driving, so the expiration of the miles sure isn’t fair.

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla will go ahead and extend the timeline so that owners can properly use the free miles. No timeline or expiration was mentioned by Musk, but we assume it will be at least until the stay-at-home order is lifted.  Tesla is dealing with its own struggles considering the current limitations with the stay-at-home order and how it’s affecting their ability to produce vehicles, especially in the Fremont factory.

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Given the current situation and the pandemic we’re dealing with, we give Tesla an “A” for their quick actions and understanding what their clients are dealing with and allowing the miles to be extended. Hopefully, they can overcome some of these software glitches and find a more effective way to distribute the free supercharging miles. We still have quite some time until we’re back to normal but this is a good start and a good indication of great customer service.

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